Hong Kong Airport tests full body disinfectant booths
  • 24 Feb, 2020

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Hong Kong Airport tests full body disinfectant booths

Hong Kong International Airport has supplied a hint of what the future of air travel may look like, creating cleaning robots, antimicrobial coatings on surfaces and a disinfection booth for passengers.

  • The popular Asian airport claims it is the first in the world to trial a live process of Clean Tech, designed to disinfect travellers from head to toe.

  • The process sees travellers, have their temperatures checked before stepping into a small booth to be disinfected and sanitised for forty seconds.

  • The interior of the booth has an antimicrobial coating which can remotely kill viruses and bacteria on human bodies and clothing using photocatalyst technologies and "nano needles", the airport staff said.

  • Passengers are also doused with sanitising spray inside the booth for instant disinfection.

  • As with some hospital isolation wards, the booth is kept under negative pressure to prevent cross contamination.

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